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Our Signature 11-Week Comprehensive Certification Course is now OPEN for ENROLLMENT.

(Week 1 Opens May 12th with our 1st Live Session on May 19th)

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  • Any person who wants to develop the knowledge, tools, skills and confidence to be a holistic and non-medical support person for a dying person and/or their family.
  • Anyone who wants to pursue their calling as a certified end of life doula, end of life coach, death doula, death coach, end of life guide, soul midwife, soul companion, end of life specialist, community death care advocate, death care advocate, end of life planner, and others.
  • Any person who feels called to provide holistic non-medical support to a dying person and/or their family or caregivers.
  • Any person wanting to learn more about death, dying and the end of life journey.
  • A nurse, social worker, chaplain, counselor, or other healthcare professional who want to find more meaningful and personalized ways to support dying patients & their families.



  • What is an End of Life Practitioner (AKA Death Doula)?
  • What is the Difference Between a Death Doula, End of Life Coach, Death Midwife, End of Life Guide or Advocate or Planner? 
  • What is The “Movement” Into Death Work and Doulaship?
  • What are the Gaps in Hospice and Why are End of Life Practitioners Needed Now More than Ever Before?
  • What Type of Holistic Support Services do End of Life Practitioners Provide?
  • The Three Essential Keys To Look For During Every Client Visit
  • What are the Career Options for End of Life Practitioners and How Do Death Doulas and Coaches Get Paid?
  • How to Know if Being an end of life practitioner is For You?
  • What Type of Skills or Background Do you Need to Be an End of Life Practitioner?
  • How to Choose the Best End of Life Training Program for you to be Fully Prepared for your Practice in End of Life and Death Work 
  • Learn how to join our Certified End of Life Practitioner Training Program and what is involved



  • Explore the role of the death doula and develop a personalized approach of being with the dying and/or families.
  • Understand and identify the signs, symptoms and changes of the natural dying process.
  • Initiate, complete and organize practical matters. 
  • Prepare and create personalized comprehensive end of life plans.
  • Understand and identify current medical end of life practices.
  • Learn effective communication skills that expand conversation with clients, families & community.
  • Collaborate with medical care teams to enhance holistic support.
  • Deliver high quality support and death care using ceremony and rituals.
  • Identify and support individuals in their grief expression.
  • Discover the mindset required to enter into death work and break through old, self-limiting beliefs & patterns.
  • Gain the tools to build a business that meets your inner purpose and calling.
  • Share and witness being a part of a supportive community of unique humans who come together to enhance death and dying across time, space, and culture.

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